Spider-Women (Spider-Woman) - Jason Latour, Dennis Hopeless, Helen Chen, Javier Rodriguez, Robbi Rodriguez, Robert Thompson

Title: Spider-Women
Author: Robbie Thompson
Series: N/A
Format: ebook
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: The Spider-Women of two worlds join Silk for a story too big for just one of their books! New mother Jessica Drew is taking a mentor role with Silk and Spider-Gwen, and the trio enjoys a brunch break on Gwen's Earth-65. But when nefarious spy organization S.I.L.K. and its leader — a certain Cindy Moon — notice the interdimensional interlopers, everything goes wrong! Can the arachnid adventurers find a way home, or will they be trapped in a world they never made? And if they do escape Earth-65, will their troubles follow? Jess meets the Mary Janes, and Silk comes face-to-face with her counterpart's family — but who's looking after little baby Drew? It's an epic that will shake all three Spider-Women to the core!


Favourite character: Jessica
Least favourite character: Evil Cindy


Mini-review: Well that was fun. It was great to see the female Spider-heroes team up. Would definitely read more about this. Can't wait to read more about their solo adventures. Also loved the alternate universe Reed Richards.