Mandie and the Windmill's Message (Mandie, Book 20) - Lois Gladys Leppard

Title: Mandie and the Windmill's Message
Author: Lois Gladys Leppard
Series: Mandie, 20
Format: ebook, bind-up
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: Mandie, Celia and Jonathan should have known that when Uncle Ned said there was a big mystery waiting for them in Holland that he meant a BIG mystery. Adventures had followed them at every stop on their summer travel through Europe with Mrs. Taft, Senator Morton and Uncle Ned, and Holland promised to be no exception. But what mystery could the quiet, peaceful land of the windmills possibly bring?
They won't be there long before they find out. Who's behind the mysterious resetting of the windmill's blades and what message are they sending? Is it a harmless prank or is someone really up to something bad? Are lives in danger?
Is someone out to destroy the royal family's reputation?


Favourite character: Albert & Jonathan
Least favourite character: Mandie


Mini-review: Okay, so, didn't like Mandie's grudges against Jonathan for something he obviously had nothing to do with. That is a big lesson in judgment right there and I'm honestly kind of shocked that her grandmother didn't send her back on the first ship home because she's a real piece of work (Mandie not Mrs. Taft). Not sure if the ending was supposed to be racist or not. Can't wait to get into the books I haven't read yet.


Fan Cast:
Amanda "Mandie" Shaw - Emma Rayne Lyle
Celia Hamilton - Sadie Sink
Jonathan Lindall Guyer III - Louis Hynes
Grandmother Taft - Meryl Streep
Senator Morton - Donald Sutherland
Albert Van Dongen - Levi Miller
Uncle Ned Sweetwater - Zahn McClarnon
Mr. Van Dongen - Mads Mikkelsen
Velda Van Dongen - Thomasin McKenzie
Maurice - Nicholas Hamilton