Maple Frosted Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery - Book 2 - Susan Gillard

Title: Maple Frosted Murder
Author: Susan Gillard
Series: Donut Hole Mystery, 2
Format: ebook
Length: N/A
Rating: 3 stars


Synopsis: A professional and very public rivalry with the owner of the corporate cookie cutter donut shop owner, leaves Heather as the prime suspect in his murder, when his body is discovered.
Health inspectors, shady business practices and a tangled web of intrigue unfold as Heather dives headfirst into the case, determined to clear her name and uncover who is the cold storage killer.


Mini-review: This one was better than the last one, but it's still horribly edited (if at all). The culprit was pretty obvious and the relationship between Heather and Ryan feels rushed.


Fan Cast:
Heather Janke - Bryce Dallas Howard
Ryan Shepherd - Sam Witwer
Amy Givens - Anna Camp
Maricela - Cote de Pablo
Angelica - America Ferrera
Jung - Randall Park
Eva Schneider - Michael Learned
Sheila Drombrowski - Andi MacDowell